Judith Shaw

Painting by Judith

Dyslexia - what clients say

"When I discovered that a member of my work team had dyslexia, I was at a loss to know how to help him.  He failed his professional exams but yet his practical work was good and he was popular with the customers. We decided his only way forward was with the Davis Correction Programme with Judith Shaw.  It was vital that he was shown certain methods of learning so that the professional exams could be passed. G attended the course and we assigned a colleague to help him with the course and his professional studies.  G found the process difficult but with support he persevered and he passed his professional exams.The Davis Correction Programme taught G how he could learn and pass exams.  The success he has achieved has given him a confidence that he never had before.  He is beginning to realise that he can fulfil his potential and that with continued effort, he is in command of his life."
"We first became aware of Judith and the Davis technique because my oldest child was struggling with the academic side of school life. Through working with Judith, C made significant progress and grew in confidence. All three of my children have now been identified as dyslexic and have had ongoing lessons with Judith. At the end of reception I was told my youngest would have to be held back a year as she didn’t know her sounds and was struggling. I immediately organised for Judith to commence lessons with her and in 10 weeks she went from not being able to read to reading at a level in line with her peers. This was all due to the right intervention given by Judith.

I readily recommend Judith and the Davis technique as a method for improving children’s Maths and English. As a qualified teacher I am able to professionally discern whether a method is working and have been very pleased with the results my children have had from working with Judith."
"I read the book The Gift of Dyslexia in just a few days. It was such a relief to see that other people had been in my shoes  and had found the solution to their problems. It was also good to read that dyslexia isn’t a flaw but merely a different perspective on things so you could actually look at it as a blessing rather than a curse. Since doing the programme with Judith, I don’t feel the same stress, hopelessness and strain. I am more energetic than I have felt since I grew up. All my communication with family and friends has improved greatly. I can wake up each morning and face the challenges of each day and solve them and handle all the things that come towards me. This programme has also made me a better mother, because i feel as if I am more aware of my daughter’s needs. I now go directly into the tasks that are at hand whether it is feeding or diaper changing without hesitation and delays. I can plan ahead, so I have a much better overview of what I have to get done, which gives me more free time to spend with my daughter. It was a memorable experience to meet the Davis Instructor. To talk to someone that understood what I had gone through. We made good use of those five days we spent on the Davis programme, and I got to know myself, what I can do, and what I want to do."