Judith Shaw

Painting by Judith

Therapy - what clients say

"I found the experience of working with Judith invaluable. Over the course of time I spent with her  she helped me to understand just what was going on in my head, teaching me a number a brilliant techniques and strategies to cope with my areas of concern.

Since meeting Judith I have felt more able to engage with the world in general and put my thoughts into a cohesive enough pattern to face the future in a positive and practical manner, knowing that I am now better skilled to negotiate any problems that might crop up. I have used my new coping skills on a daily basis and have found that they are becoming second nature. I particularly love my new emotional dial (for want of a better phrase), a method to visualise my heightened emotional state and “turn it down” to a level more suitable to deal with the situation in question. I have learnt to be more present in world and more capable of focusing on what I need to rather than  the many distractions that life has to offer.

I would recommend Judith to anyone who needs help getting their life and the world in general into better order."
"When Human Givens therapy was first presented to me I was very sceptical. Being in my third year of training as a humanistic counsellor, the idea that deep-rooted problems could be treated quickly without recounting and thoroughly exploring one’s past was nonsense to me. However, being at an extremely low point I was willing to try anything. To say that my experience of this therapy has changed my life and my way of viewing other counselling styles is an understatement. The work I did over two meetings with Judith Shaw has almost eliminated highly disturbing and destructive feelings which have blighted my adult life. Whilst I can still recall the memories of the incidents which precipitated these emotions, I no longer attach or experience pain on recalling them. I have since been able to move forward in my life in ways in which I would not have thought possible before. I would certainly not hesitate in recommending both Human Givens therapy and Judith herself as I owe them both a huge debt of thanks."
"Human Givens has not only given me back my confidence and self esteem, but also given me some skills for coping with difficult situations. The techniques help me even to this day. They help me ease my mind when I feel really wobbly and can’t cope. Within just an hour from walking in to each session and walking out I felt different, in the way I was heard and not judged and spoken but not out spoken, relaxed but not stressed. I felt I was able to make appointments really quickly and easily if I felt I needed them and it was easy to fit around my job."
LS, 23
"Our daughter has been through a very difficult time emotionally as the result of traumatic relationship breakdowns and a difficult time in the workplace, over a number of years. Both being doctors, my wife and I had some understanding of counselling and psychotherapy issues, however we found it almost impossible to help our daughter, probably because we were too closely involved.

The help our daughter received from the Human Givens counsellor was very effective in enabling her to see her situation from a third person perspective, to put her difficulties into context, and to make positive steps towards approaching her problems in a constructive way. From being defeated, and too frightened to step back into work, or to explore new relationships, she has changed and gained strength and confidence from her work during the counselling sessions. We are so pleased and relieved to see this change and are very happy to recommend the counselling approach of Human Givens."
LS's parents
"My sessions with Judith changed the course of my life forever giving me the confidence to believe in myself and apply for a course at university I had wanted to do for years. If I hadn't been to see Judith I truly believe I would still be stuck in the rut of negative self doubt and would not be at university doing the music degree I so love."