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Therapy – The Human Givens approach

I offer effective problem-solving therapy which, often in just a few sessions, will allow you to overcome: anxiety, anger problems, phobias, depression, poor sleep, addiction, self-harming, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessions, stress, relationship problems and low self esteem. I also specialise in working with people with dyslexia and those with  creative blocks.

Human Givens is a highly effective combination of new understanding of the brain with the best ideas and methods from many psychological approaches.

“When emotional needs are not met in individuals it leads to stress, anxiety, depression and other expressions of distress such as anger and addiction.” – Ivan Tyrell

What people say about the Human Givens approach:
“A quiet revolution.” New Scientist
“It’s absolutely the right way forward.” BBC Radio 4 ‘All in the Mind’